About GR

GR Marketing Group is a BC-based company that helps owners and entrepreneurs build or restructure their business.

Who we are

GR Marketing group is a Victoria, BC-based marketing and coaching company designed to help a diverse range of entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their goals, surpass hurdles, and help them rebuild and restructure their business. Although physically located in Victoria, we are passionate about working with clients across Canada and look forward to our international expansion in 2021.

Our team consists of over two decades of experience in various fields of business, from social media management and marketing to web development and design, search engine optimization, forecasting web services, content creation, branding, and business planning and consulting.


In 1998, Gavin Henderson-Peal started GR Consulting as a hobby, proving that it is possible to make your passion your primary focus. Over time, Gavin grew GR Consulting into a multi-pronged business that made consulting and marketing services accessible for other small businesses to thrive. By 2016, the company evolved into GR Marketing Group and began expanding into the digital sphere, implementing web development, social media management and marketing, and content creation.

Our Team

At GR, we have formed a diverse team of consultants that can serve your business in the following areas: business management, marketing and strategic planning, web development and design, social media management and marketing, visual content creation, business administration and brand development services. Our team holds over two decades of combined experience and is ready to help you take your business to the next level.

Gavin Henderson Peal

Gavin Henderson - Peal

Founder / CEO

Jordan Custodio

Jordan Custodio

Web Developer & UI Designer
Erica Kelm

Erica Kelm

Media Photographer

toby Moselen

Alejandro Lema Sánchez

Graphic Designer

Sophie Stow

Sophie Stow

Financial Analyst & Assistant Project Manager

Ramandeep Singh

Ramandeep Singh

SEO Specialist

Rachana Kiskorkumar

Rachana Kiskorkumar Makwana

Internal & Cyber Security Specialist

Selenga Koc

Selenga Koc

Web Developer

Ramya Geethika Khandavilli

Ramya Geethika Khandavilli

Web Developer



The Real Boss


"Gavin took me in under his wing right after high school, with no experience but a dream and a drive to succeed. He taught me so many things about persistence, belief and hard work. I am eternally grateful for everything he has done for me. I could have never asked for a better mentor to start off my journey! Gavin is one of the most passionate, driven, and toughest people I know. He has been an amazing inspiration in my life and will continue to inspire me through his ability to persist through any challenge that comes his way"

Erica Kelm(mentee)

"I am most delighted to provide this testimonial for Gavin Henderson-Peal in his capacity as a business coach and personal mentor. I have known Gavin since 2012. Gavin is in the business of making a serious difference. Gavin mentored me through a difficult phase in my life in 2013 and 2014 and his results driven approach made a massive difference. Gavin has many years of business experience and coaching expertise, and has strategies that work. Gavin is a high achiever and motivated, and desires this too for his clients. Gavin has a sense of humor, an infectious personality and a real pleasure to have on your team. The communication, the thoughtfulness, the personalization, and the strong skills Gavin demonstrated make him truly outstanding. I would recommend Gavin's services in a heartbeat and wish Gavin continued success in his business. Thank you so much Gavin, you are awesome."

Mahesh Kumar, Finance Instructor/Money Coach, Victoria, BC 2015

"As a Doctor whose specialty is the spine, I know the importance of strength and whole body health.

Fitness is for everyone! Health requires exercise of the mind, body, spine and spirit and what you put into your body is essential.

If you are looking for the guidance and/ or the challenge to take yourself to the next level of personal accomplishment, I recommend Gavin Henderson – Peal.

Gavin makes it comfortable to choose your progress. Once you have discussed your ultimate goal, he will help design you the program that is right for you.

Dr. Ryan P. Doyle - Backfit Spinal Health and Fitness

"Working along side Gavin has been an upbeat and genuine experience. The enthusiasm and passion he puts into his work along with his determination to keep everyone happy and on track with his positive attitude. Wether it be the big guys at the top or the little guys at the bottom no one gets over looked.

This man loves to see businesses thrive and grow, keeping him involved and energetic to plan for and troubleshoot problems at every turn.

Gavin Henderson-Peal's concepts and viewpoints are valuable and a significant asset to any company or corporation wanting to make it to the next level!"

Michael Peck - Creative Stone Developments and Contracting Ltd

Expert, Professional, Innovative; these are just a few words to describe Gavin. I have had the pleasure of working with GR Marketing Group building a new business in the Okanagan from the foundation and up. His approach has really encouraged our team to look at things from many different perspectives by being creative and very well structured. This has allowed Nuburry Developments to collectively focus and move forward. As a friend and business partner Gavin goes that extra step and puts himself before others which is above and beyond the call of duty. With a fantastic team and one on one coaching the support and continued support can match no other. To any peers, I would highly recommend Gavin and look forward to many years of friendship and business.

Stuart Harwood

The GR Marketing Group has been very beneficial to the growth of my business. I have been using them for our website, business plan and graphic design for the last year and a half. I’ve seen a large improvement in our online views/ sales. GR goes above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied. They have refreshed our logo, website and over all appearance to fit my dream image. I would highly recommend them to any company looking for professional affordable business marketing.

Lauren Wills - Amethyst Dance & Fitness

I have been working with Gavin and the team at GR Marketing Group for a while and their attention to detail, creativity and professionalism exceeded my expectations. Their Graphic team design a spectacular website and logo for my business and their administration team created an outstanding Proposal letter, all in a timely manner.

Steven Inglefield