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Rachana Kiskorkumar Makwana

Internal & Cyber Security Specialist

Joining GR Marketing Group in early 2021 Rachana took on a valuable role in the company in IT, Cyber Security and Software Development. Rachana graduated with a Master of Science in Cybersecurity and puts this knowledge and training to use ensuring all the systems and networks are secure and up to date. Holding a vital role for the company and our client's security Rachana implement all her skills of Cybersecurity, Web Development and Maintenance to ensure the company and its client's information and hard work is protected and secure. Her skills and hands on experience include but are not limited to Incident detection and response, Identity and Access management, Audit and Compliance, Firewall, IDS, IPS and more. When she isn't hard at work and making sure everyone is secure and taken care of Rachana enjoys reading, travelling, and practicing Yoga keeping her mind focused enjoying what life has to offer.